Three New Chapters Completed!

At first it seemed like the worst possible thing that could happen.  Since we had arrived here in Colorado things were becoming more and more busy.  I was planning a trip back east to visit with friends, pastors, and churches so that I could lay out our vision for mission here in Colorado and hopefully raise support for God’s work.  Then two days before my scheduled trip, two weeks before my first Sunday preaching since leaving Maryland and two and a half weeks before we were beginning projectSALT house church at our home, I fractured my ankle and tore every ligament and tendon except my Achilles.  All my plans, particularly for raising support, came crashing down.  I had to cancel the trip, stay off my ankle; be still.

But God’s ways are not man’s ways, they are higher the prophet tells us.  I had become so busy setting up our life and ministry here that I had set “Micah’s Touch: God Sightings from the Edge of Autism” on the back burner.  Could there be a better time to get away to a quiet place and get back to writing?

Before I knew it I was on top of a mountain with no disruptions but an occasional deer.  Our dear friend Marilyn Warren back in Baltimore lent me her family cabin in Cotopaxi for a week.  Not only was I able to finish preparation for my sermon and planning for our House Church study, but I completed three new chapters for the book, leaving only three left before I can send the first draft to the publisher.

Because of each of you who have been led by God to support our ministry and Marilyn’s generosity of her cabin, I completed “Micah Doesn’t Care:  Overcoming the Fear of Man”, “Finding Dad: Being Embraced by the Father Heart of God”, and “Leave Him Alone: Understanding the Need of Solitude in Our Christian Lives”.

Above is a picture of my view from the cabin each day while I was there.  I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you for your prayers and support.


3 thoughts on “Three New Chapters Completed!

  1. Sometimes God has to allow something to happen to slow us down, doesn’t He? I can’t wait to read the books! Y’all are in my prayers. Love ya!

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