Our Mission Projects

Micah House

Greeley has a 15 year waiting list for disabled adults to receive any services after graduating from high school.  Darian and Edith will be working with projectSALT to establish a day home within Greeley that will provide disabled adults with a safe environment to continue job preparation, have recreation, be trained in daily living skills, and shown the love of Christ.  Ultimately, for those able, the goal will be to find an appropriate job placement.

Micah House will also serve as a resource for the larger church body in educating and training them in how to better welcome and minister to the families of the disabled within their community.

Darian will be working with government, business leaders and the larger body of Christ to raise funding.  His forthcoming book “Micah’s Touch” will hopefully allow him a platform to better do this.

Edith will be teaching, training and designing many of the program aspects of Micah House once it opens.

“He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8

Fill free to print and copy as many of our brochures on Micah House as you like by clicking this link Micah House Brochure.  Hand them out to family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, pastors, or anyone else who may be interested in praying for and/or supporting our ministry.

Juniper Tree Ministries

Elijah was a great servant of God…but he was a man and in I Kings 19 we see where this servant of God comes to the end of himself. Weary, afraid and frustrated he sat down to rest under the juniper tree.  There an angel of the Lord came and comforted him, fed him and encouraged him. His call from God was renewed and he returned to ministry with even greater purpose and power than before.

One of projectSALT’s priorities is to establish a center for Ministerial Renewal and Hope. This will be a major focus of Darian’s ministry in Greeley. He will use his second book, “Exit”, to raise awareness and funds for the center. The center’s objective will provide a safe place dedicated to rest, renewal, and assisting ministers in growing spiritually and avoiding ministerial burnout.

Consider the following statistics:

Over 1,600 ministers leave the ministry each month

80% of seminary graduates have left within 5 years of graduation

90% of pastors work 60 to 80 hours per week

80% believe pastoring has negatively impacted their families

80% report persistent discouragement & 70% fight depression

90% say ministry is nothing like they believed it would be

50% say they are unable to meet their job’s demands

70% say they have a lower self image than before ministry

75% report severe stress, anguish, worry, anger, depression and isolation

70% do not believe they have a friend they can be completely honest with and trust while 60% report they feel “completely” isolated.

50% say they are so burnt out that they would leave ministry if they could provide for their family another way (this is from the 20% who stay in after seminary)

Only 1 out of 10 ministers starting out actually make it to official retirement

94% of minister’s families say they feel pressured to live up to an unrealistic standard

80% of spouses feel left out and under-appreciated by church members and wish their spouse had picked another profession1

“Members of the clergy now suffer from obesity, hypertension and depression at rates higher than most Americans. In the last decade, their use of antidepressants has risen, while their life expectancy has fallen.”2

“Deaths attributed to heart attacks are markedly higher with males within ministry than the general male population at large.”3

At projectSALT we wish to turn these statistics around by providing a safe place for ministers to be real with themselves, God and each other: A place where they can establish healthy trusting relationships free of ministerial pretense.

We also hope to research and educate pastors, missionaries, pastor families, church leaders, and members in how to create an environment for pastors and their families to maintain physical health while growing spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.

then that person can pray to God and find favor with him, they will see God’s face and shout for joy; he will restore them to full well-being. “ Job 33:26


Darian is currently working on finishing his first book, “Micah’s Touch: God Sightings from the Edge of Autism.”  After its publication he will begin on two other’s: “Exit: God Wants You More than Your Ministry,” and “AH! Seeing God’s People as Precious Rather than Producers.”

Mentor and Spiritual Partnering

At its inception the team that began projectSALT had been praying for an “older” male with ministry experience and education to join their team and walk alongside them in matters of theology, Scripture and spiritual health. Darian will be teaching and meeting regularly with projectSALT staff on these matters. He is very excited about the opportunity to invest in a new generation while learning from them as he does.

Preaching and Teaching

Darian will be preaching on a rotation schedule at projectSALT services. He will be teaching a “Foundations” class monthly, leading and teaching staff weekly on core issues of Scripture and theology, and preaching as he represents projectSALT and it’s ministries. Also, he and Edith will be leading small group home Bible studies.


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    • Thank you for your prayers! We are excited as well. Would love for you and Ed to come out for a visit. Or your choir. That would be amazing. We are only 45 minutes from Rocky Mountain National Park. Thanks for the encouragement, friendship and prayers!

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