Micah House Special Report!

Below is a picture of myself and Alan Kraft, pastor of Christ Community Church here in Greeley.  We share a bond for the love of the gospel and our sons born with disabilities.

Alan Kraft, Pastor of Christ Community Church in Greeley has been a tremendous asset as has Doug Brown, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church

We have been very busy here in Greeley.   For those who have not heard my (Darian) ankle ended up healing much better than the doctor expected.  To say he was shocked when I went in would be an understatement; he was almost positive it was going to require surgery but instead I am going to rehab and things are healing very well!  Praise God and thank you for those who were praying!

With the improvement of my ankle I have been able to move forward much more aggressively in establishing “Micah House”.  Here is an update and things you can be praying about:

  • Edith will begin classes on the 21st which will lead her through the process of our becoming a nonprofit separate from projectSALTbut still in partnership with them.  This will allow us to remain a distinctly Christian ministry but qualify us for various non-governmental grants that do not give directly to churches.
    • Please pray that the class will be a blessing to Edith and that it will enable us to receive non-profit status sooner rather than later.
    • Pray as well that I will be successful in researching, applying for and acquiring various grants which would enable us to open soon with a quality program and location.
  • I have continued to meet with numerous church and community leaders and have been enthusiastically received.  We will have a meeting of leaders within the special needs, health, education, and faith communities on March 30th at First Presbyterian Church here in Greeley.  At this meeting we will be attempting to set up a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board for “Micah House”. Both of these steps are necessary for us to become a non-profit.
    • Please pray that God will pave the path and move in the hearts and minds of those He is calling to be a part of this ministry of mercy to those with disabilities and their families.
    • Pray for people of character, faith and wisdom.
  • Edith, Aaron and myself have visited three possible locations for both temporary start up and possible permanent locations for “Micah House”.  It has been exciting to see what is possible but also a great responsibility in discerning God’s direction wisely and our ability to know that we would be able to sustain funding of a location.
    • Please pray that God will lead us to the exact location He wishes to provide, whether it is a permanent one or a start up location.
  • I will be traveling to Georgia April 13th through the 23rd to share with churches, friends and brothers and sisters in Christ what God has called us to here in Colorado and the amazing ways we have already seen Him work.  If anyone would like to have me speak to their church, missions boards or have a simple small home get together with friends, please let me know.
    • Please pray that God will lead me to those He has chosen and wishes to work through in supporting “Micah’s House” and our work through projecSALT.
    • Pray that wherever I may speak that the grace, mercy and splendor of God’s gospel and character will be revealed as lives are challenged and changed.

I have intentionally kept this post to what God has been doing through our work in establishing “Micah House”.  But our ministry here has much more going on and I look forward to sharing some of that with you later in the week.

We would ask one more prayer request of our friends and family in Christ.  I had a biopsy done last week on my prostate after a routine physical with my new family doctor.  We would ask that you would come along side of us in praying in faith that the test results would return non-cancerous so that we can continue to move forward in strength as we seek to minister for Christ here in Colorado.

If you would like to financially support our family you can do so through giving a tax deductible gift.  On our contact page it gives you all the information needed to send a check to “projectSALT’ with a memo “Burns Family” or you can click the donate button at the top right of this page and give electronically.   Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, love and support.