Where in the World are We?



.Greeley population: 98,000

.Weld County population: 249,775

.Average Income: $39,000

.10-15% live below poverty level

.5,000 single parent homes

.Median age: 30

.High levels of gang involvement and activity

.80% of Weld County does not attend church

.15 year waiting list for disability services after High School

Greeley is the third largest city in Colorado not located along the I-25 corridor. The original

founders were hard working farmers and ranchers who purposed its location away from

large amounts of traffic to have plenty of space for farming. Over the years Greeley has

grown significantly. In the last 10 years alone Greeley has experienced a 12% population

increase. Surrounded by farmlands and cattle, Greeley has one foot in rural America and

one foot in rapidly growing urban America. In this state of identity crisis God has called our

team here to be SALT and LIGHT to a people looking for direction. This massive increase

in population, and ethnic varieties, has led to tension and frustration. Our prayer for

Greeley is that the name of Jesus Christ will be known here, and that God will restore this

city. In Greeley we find a thirsty people…may we lead them to the well that does not dry!


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